Document 12: "Mother's Branch," Annual Report of 1894, unprocessed collection of YWCA of Greater Baltimore, 128 W. Franklin Street, Annual Reports, 1883-1902.


       In 1890 the YWCA founded a "Mother's Branch."  The goal was to provide health care and needed materials for the new mother and baby.  This effort reflected the growing concern of many middle-class women that disease and poverty would spread to more respectable neighborhoods.  In order to prevent this from happening, the YWCA and other organizations attempted to elevate the standards and behavior of the lower classes.  The following document shows the success of these programs.


       We are glad that the Mother's Branch of the Y.W.C.A. has been steadily increasing in its work of usefulness.  It has now become well known and understood by those whom it is intended to benefit, and appeals have been coming in from all the different sections of the city asking for help.  Sixty-three cases applied from December to May, and fifty-eight were supplied with bags, the average number in each being twenty-six pieces.  Among the cases there have been several who have known better days, and through sickness and misfortune have been brought to great destitution, their condition and inability to make any provisions for themselves only adding to their distress of mind.

        The skillful attention from the women doctors, connected with the Evening Dispensary for Women and Children, greatly added to the usefulness of our work.  They report they have attended thirty cases, all of whom belong, without exception, to the deserving poor; that in almost every instance, without the bag, the baby would have had no clothes at all, and the mother would have lacked everything needed to make her comfortable.  In the fifty-eight bags sent out there were 1,508 garments.

Received from subscribers... $367.50  
Miles White Fund.................... 75.00  
Expenses................................   $442.50


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