Document 14: "Admission Committee," Annual Report of 1898, unprocessed collection of YWCA of Greater Baltimore, 128 W. Franklin Street, Annual Reports, 1883-1902.


      This report from the 1898 Admission Committee reveals two important aspects of the YWCA's work in the city.  First, the reference to "the family" is consistent with the goal of providing a safe home for working women in Baltimore.  Second, the concern for those women who move in and out of the city is reflected in the language used to describe the transient boarders.


      There have been 387 permanent and 459 transient boarders admitted, total 846.  For the permanent boarders there is no need to plead for interest, they are part of "the family," coming in and going out for months and perhaps for years.

       The transient boarders are too easily overlooked and forgotten, and yet of what vital importance this branch of the work is.

      Their experience is often a sad one.  Full of hope of a situation to be obtained, they come from a distance and seek the position offered; disappointed they return, and how often we see their discouraged faces.  At last their money is almost gone, and they who had expected to come to a permanent home must return, having only been transient boarders.


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