Document 22: Colored Young Women's Christian Association Board members to Board of Managers of the Baltimore Y.W.C.A, 14 February 1912, unprocessed collection of YWCA of Greater Baltimore, 128 W. Franklin Street, 1883-1902.


       The Baltimore YWCA and the Colored YWCA worked along parallel lines after the founding of the Colored Y in 1896. This letter in February 1912 no doubt reflected growing national efforts to bring the two reform streams together. Here officers of the Colored Y address the Board of Managers of the (white) Baltimore YWCA requesting branch status for their Association.

Colored Young Womenís Christian Association.

1200 Druid Hill Avenue.
Corner Dolphin Street.

BALTIMORE. Feb. 14, 1912,

To the Board of Managers of the Young Womenís Christian Assoc.

       At a meeting of the managers of the Colíd Young Womenís Christian Association on Feb. 14th, plans were discussed for advancing the work in which we have been engaged for the past fifteen years with some measure of success.

       It was the thought of all present that our work would have a much broader scope if we might be admitted as a part of the Central Association work. We, therefore, earnestly ask to become a branch of that body if your board be willing to accept us as such.

          Yours respectfully.
          M.E. Murphy, President
          A.E. Williams, chair of board
          E.E. Bright, secretary


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