Document 24: Letter from the C.Y.W.C.A. in reference to affiliation, 3 April 1912, unprocessed collection of YWCA of Greater Baltimore, 128 W. Franklin Street, 1883-1902.


       The following letter from officers of the Colored YWCA in April 1912 provides their response to the alternatives proposed by the Baltimore YWCA, noting a preference for affiliation with the Central Association rather than branch status. Unfortunately no document describing the character of possible branch status appears to have survived, so it is impossible to gauge the nature of the choice offered the Colored YWCA at the meeting mentioned in this letter.


Letter from the Colored Young Women’s Christian
Association in reference to affiliation.



1200 Druid Hill Ave.
April 13, 1912.

To the Chairman and members of the
Joint Committee on Affiliation:--

       At a called meeting on the Board of Managers of the C.Y.W.C.A., the two tentative plans of management of the C.Y.W.C.A. as a branch or an affiliated part of the Central Association were read and explained by Miss Colt your secretary.

       After careful consideration by the members present, it was deemed wisest to decide in favor of affiliation for the present. This seemed undoubtedly to give opportunity for continuation of the work as conducted now, but also to offer a way to activities along broader lines in the future.

Yours truly,       
M.E. Murphy, Pres.
E.P. Calloway, Chair.
E.E. Bright, Sec.



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