Document 26: Board of Managers of the C.Y.W.C.A. to the Metropolitan Board of the Baltimore Y.W.C.A., n.d. [probably 1919], unprocessed collection of YWCA of Greater Baltimore, 128 W. Franklin Street.


       After some years affiliated with the Baltimore YWCA, officers of the Colored Y wrote petitioning "for the privilege of becoming a branch." The date of this letter is not given, but the next documents in this project reveal that in early 1920 the Metropolitan Board of the Baltimore YWCA and the Colored YWCA reached an agreement that made the Colored Y a branch of the Baltimore YWCA.

To the Metropolitan Board

       Baltimore Young Women’s Christian Association,

       The Board of Managers, of the Colored Young Women’s Christian Association have come to realize the impossibility of such work with their girls as they desire, under their present organization. They feel that they have gone as far as possible without being a part of the National Organization. They therefore, unanimously petition the Metropolitan Board of the Baltimore Young Women’s Christian Association for the privilege of becoming a branch.

                                                                                 Committee: Charlotte Davage, Pres.
        E.E. Bright, Sec.
        M. Edyth Cooper
        Bessie E. Maynard
        Mary R. Hughes



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