Document 32: "Y.W.C.A. Holds Formal Opening," The Afro-American, 16 January 1926, p. 6.


       The reopening of the Druid Hill Avenue Branch of the YWCA more than three years after the branch closed its doors was news in Baltimore's black newspaper, The Afro-American. The son of one of the founders of the Colored YWCA in Baltimore, M.E. Murphy, addressed the event, thirty years after its 1896 founding. The presence at the event of Grace Farrell, City General Secretary, suggests the integrated nature of this event. Notice also that Cordella Winn of the Y's National Board, and one long familiar with the branch's difficulties, was due to visit the branch later in the week.


       The doors of the Druid Hill Avenue Branch of the Young Women's Christian Association were reopened to women and girls Sunday, January 10th, with imposing exercises. Devotions were led by Mrs. W. T. Coleman and Mrs. Sarah Lewis. The first address was made by George B. Murphy whose mother was the founder, and left us the fruits of her efforts the present building.

       The Rev. David E. Over of the Union Baptist Church was the speaker of the afternoon. Miss Grace Farrell, City General Secretary, made a few remarks, and music was led by representatives from the Douglass High School Orchestra. Miss Georgia Lawrence and Bernard Thomas were soloists with Miss Mattie White as pianist. Tea was served by a group of young ladies. Mrs. Sarah Fernandis, the chairman of the committee, presided.

       Classes in Parliamentry Law, Cooking, Conversational English and Millinery are open to all women and girls for a small fee. Bible classes will open on January 20th, free to all. It is the hope of the management that advantage will be taken of these opportunities.

       Mrs. Cordella Winn, of the National Staff will visit the Branch during the week of January 18th.


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