Document 5: "Report of the Lodging Committee," from the Annual Report of 1885, unprocessed collection of YWCA of Greater Baltimore, 128 W. Franklin Street, Annual Reports, 1883-1902.


       The following document gives a glimpse into the intentions of the YWCA women.  Notice the emphasis on supporting and providing for the less fortunate women in the city.  Providing a "Christian Home and sympathizing friends" was one of the original goals of the Association.  This document shows the religious tenor that shaped Association work and sheds light on the attitudes of upper and middle-class women towards their working-class "sisters."


       "We are gratified to report that during the year just closed we have been able, with only six beds, to afford 1084 nights' lodging to 79 applicants.  Though our work has only commenced, and has been carried forward within space so circumscribed, yet we feel assured that we have proved helpers indeed to many, who, coming strangers into a strange city, have found a Christian Home and sympathizing friends.  The gratitude expressed for the kindness and protection thus extended, has been our reward.  We hope in our new Home to prove a yet greater blessing to our city and State.  We desire to add, that our Matron and Clerk have been faithful and efficient co-laborers with us."


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