Document 9: "Library," Annual Report of 1891, unprocessed collection of YWCA of Greater Baltimore, 128 W. Franklin Street, Annual Reports, 1883-1902.


        One means of uplifting the working class women of Baltimore was by providing appropriate entertainment through the YWCA.  Girls who stayed at the boarding house were encouraged to check out books from the library and attend the other programs provided through the Library.  The following document illustrate both of these efforts.


       In the Library 717 books have been taken out by 149 readers.

       Two entertainments have been given during the year, a concert by the J. H. U. Quartette and Banjo Club in May; and a Christmas Frolic in December, both of which were very successful.

        The following donations have been received, for which we express our thanks"Missionary Links" by Miss Lilly Graves; Magazines from Mrs. Meredith; "Youth Companion" Mrs. Caughy; 50 copies of a List of Rules, from Paul and Falconer; Magazines, from Mrs. Henry Snowden; 2 vols. of "Galaxy," from Miss Florence Baily;  copies of Scribner and Harper, from Mr. A. M. Carter, the "Independent," from Mrs. H .P. Goddard; "Scribner's Magazine," "Littell's Living Age," "Ladies Home Journal and 8 vols. of notes on the International Lessons were given anonymously.


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