Document 13: Letter from Naima Sahlbom to National Sections, 25 November 1929. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Collection, II-7-29, Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries, WILPF Papers, 1915-1978 (Microfilm, Reel 45, frame 875).


        In the following letter, Naima Sahlbom expressed her support of Professor Langevin and his declaration, which had gained the support of many scientists.  This letter applauded Langevin's efforts and used his declaration as an example for the National Sections of the organization. The Committee on Chemical Warfare relied upon the endorsement of renowned experts, and asked the National Sections to assist in drumming up support.  The network established between women of various nationalities established this campaign as one with a far-reaching audience. 

Stockholm 25.XI.29                           

Eriksbergsgatan I3               

To the National Sections

       Dear Friends,

        I want to remind you of the noble declaration of Professor Langevin, which was distributed at our last Congress.

        It is a strong appeal to the scientists and technicians whose inventions and discoveries are often against their own intentions misused and exploited by the war industries.

        Many prominent scientists have given us their names to this declaration and we hope to get still more signatures.

        The effect of such statement made by intellectuals all over the world would give us an indirect but valuable help in our campaign towards international agreement and disarmament.

        I therefore ask you to send me a list of men and women of scientific authority in your country, whom we could write to for this purpose. If you prefer to approach them yourself, please let me know the number of copies you are willing to use.

Yours sincerely

     Naima Sahlbom
          for the
Commission on Scientific Warfare





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