Document 18: Mrs. W.H. Wrigley, “Department of Franchise Report: Colorado,” Minutes of the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, at the Twentieth Annual Meeting, Held in Memorial Art Palace, Chicago, Illinois, 18-21 October, 1893 (Chicago: Woman’s Temperance Publishing Association, 1893), p. 426, Frances Willard Memorial Library, Evanston, Illinois.


       In 1893, the Colorado W.C.T.U. dedicated itself to the woman suffrage campaign. This appeal from the state superintendent for the Department of Franchise at the W.C.T.U.’s national convention indicates the intensity of local activists as the countdown to election day began.

       Colorado.--Mrs. W. H. Wrigley, Denver. Ten days after this convention, November 7th, the question of giving the ballot to women will be decided in Colorado. It is not too late to send missionaries and money to help make the issue favorable. To this end the national department of Franchise contributes thirty dollars of its appropriation. Will the national convention at Chicago add to this amount? The prospect is good for equal suffrage if women are alert.


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