Document 2: Guerrilla Girls, "On Oct. 17 the Palladium Will Apologize to Women Artists," 1985, in Confessions of the Guerrilla Girls, by the Guerrilla Girls (whoever they really are) (New York: HarperPerennial, 1995), p. 38.


        The Palladium dance club held regular exhibitions and had its own permanent collection of paintings and sculptures commissioned entirely of male artists. The Guerrilla Girls' early success can be measured by the club's invitation to them to curate an all-woman art show in 1985 -- an event with which the group had difficulty. The Guerrilla Girls made their name by being critical of the art world for not being more inclusive. Making curatorial choices between female artists did not suit their purpose or vision. Their show of 100 women artists went forward, but some Guerrilla Girls quit in protest.[23]

Poster reads: "On Oct. 17 the Palladium Will Apologize to Women Artists"
Copyright 1985 by the Guerrilla Girls


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