Document 12: Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, 18 June 1915, Jane Addams Papers, Series I, Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Jane Addams Papers microfilm, reel 8, #1027).


        In the following note to her life companion, Mary Rozet Smith, Jane Addams detailed her travel plans as of June 1915 and some brief impressions of the tour.  Despite setbacks, such as her detention in the English Channel, she remained optimistic. This letter showed Addams' personal, unofficial view of the success of the Women's Delegation, as well as the links among social activists.

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       Here we are back in London after a journey that has surely been interesting and I hope may be useful.

       Alice and I are planning to sail next Saturday, the 26th, for Liverpool on the Old St. Louis that we had crossed over, donít you remember her pitchings!

       I will cable Miss Wald[A] and [send] post-haste her a note asking her to let you know by telegram. There is the tiniest possibility that we may return to the Continent for a day or two, but that is not likely.

       We are [illegible] and considering all we have seen and heard, fairly cheerful.

       Willis[?] sends love to you and Mrs. L.deKov.B.[B]  I am always yours.




A.  Lillian Wald, the head of the Henry Street Settlement in New York City, helped establish public nursing programs in the United States. She was a close friend of Jane Addams.
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B.  Louise deKoven Bowen was a personal friend of Jane Addams and one of the main financiers of Hull House.
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