Document 7: James Bryce to Jane Addams, 6 May 1915, Jane Addams Papers, Series I, Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Jane Addams Papers microfilm, reel 8, #839).


        This document describes Jane Addams's confinement on a ship in the English Channel due to the fighting in England, illuminating the hazards of the delegates' travel. In an attempt to continue the peace mission, Addams wrote to one of Englandís Foreign Ministers, James Bryce, asking for help. Due to frequent delays, such as this one, the American women's funds were depleted rapidly, and their tour concluded sooner than originally planned.

Dear Miss Addams,

        Just after I had received your letter and while I was inquiring what I could do to comply with the request it contained to secure that your steamer should proceed at Holland, I saw in the newspapers a statement that it had already arrived there and therefore it was needless to demand further action. I hope that you will be able to continue with equal safety. There was fighting in the North and I suppose that it was for the sake of protection from any risks that might arise therefrom that your ship was detained. These perils to neutrals are one of the most distressing features of this horrible war.


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