Document 18B: "Rights or persons. All men are by nature, free and equal," Iowa Women's Equality Campaign Television Advertisements, 1992. Folder: Media Coverage: TV and Radio Ad Scripts, 1992, Box 1, ERA Iowa 1992 Collection, Iowa Women's Archives, University of Iowa.

Rights or persons. All men are by nature, free and equal.

cursor backs up; Inserts...

and women.

    WOMAN #1: That's more like it!

Text continues to scroll up
revealing next line;
continue throughout the version
to accomodate the entire
amendment on screen;


WOMAN #2: So where's the hidden agenda?

WOMAN #1: Come on! Amendment One just adds women to the constitution and ensures equality for men and women.

WOMAN #2: So we're voting on adding the underlined words? That's easy.

Circle One appears
center frame; Black type over
white paper texture;

WOMAN #1: The hard part's finding it on the ballot. In some counties it's on the back of the ballot, in others up high on the ballot; and in some it's at the very bottom.

Vote Yes logo appears
lower third;

So look for the circle one and vote yes for equality.

add disclaimer:
Paid for by the Iowa Women's Equality Campaign




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