Document 7: Catholics Act for ERA, Reverence for Life Means Reverence for Equality, 1980. Folder: Printed Material -- Produced by Supporting Groups, Box 8, Iowa ERA Coalition Collection, Iowa Women's Archives, University of Iowa.


       This sequence of documents--beginning with page one--is a replication of a brochure produced by the national organization Catholics Act for ERA.  It was distributed by the Iowa ERA Coalition in 1980.  This brochure is an example of generic ERA material produced outside of Iowa and then tailored for use in the 1980 Iowa campaign.  It is more impressive, and most likely more costly, that most of the Coalition’s in-house productions, employing multiple logos, pictures, and fonts.  At the very least, it implicitly targets Catholics, focusing on the connection between the ERA and abortion and quoting the President of Notre Dame University.  The Iowa ERA Coalition also distributed national ERA materials targeting minorities, union members, Democrats, and Republicans, among others.


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