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The Equal Rights
is an
Issue of Human Life

For Women who are Poor

Poverty is a daily issue of life for many women and children.

•   79% of the poor people in the U.S. are women and children.

•   More than 8 million American families are headed by women, yet 33% of those households are below the poverty level, compared to 6% of those headed by men.

•   In 1977, the median income of families headed by women was $7,765; the median income of families headed by men was $14,538.

•   Full-time working women today earn only 59 cents for every dollar earned by full-time working men.

•   Minority women are hardest hit, with black and Hispanic women at the bottom of the national wage scale.

•   Women work for the same reason as men: economic need.  Yet they are still seen as a “marginal” work force – those who earn the “second” salaries in families.

•   For every dollar earned by men, women in the same job category earn much less:

Women     Men
Sales.....................  $  .45     $1.00
Clerical.................. $  .64     $1.00
Service.................. $  .65     $1.00
Manufacturing....... $  .59     $1.00

THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT will provide a constitutional commitment to equal pay for equal work and equal employment opportunity. Discrimination today can be profitable.  The Equal Rights Amendment will help take the profit out of discrimination.

“Choose life that you and your children may live . . . “   - Deut. 30:19