Document 11: "In the Matter of a Detention Home in Connection with the Administration of the Juvenile Court: Order," 1 April 1905, Cora Bussey Hillis Collection, Ms. 72, Box 1, Scrapbooks, State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.


       After the bill passed the Legislature, formal structures were needed to fulfill the role established by the act. The act called for a detention home, or some suitable institution, in sections four and eight. The detention home functioned as both a place to keep children before they went to trial and as an alternative to jail with adults. Pursuant to the law, Polk County moved to establish a Board of Managers to oversee the implementation and establishment of these detention homes. Hillis was one of the members appointed to this board, reflective of her importance to this bill. Also, regard the number of women and men appointed as probation officers. Men were volunteering to be probation officers as well as women.


In the Matter of a Detention
Home in Connection with the
Administration of the
Juvenile Court


       It appearing to the court that the City Council of the City of Des Moines in compliance with an act entitled “An act enlarging the powers of the District Court and to regulate the treatment and control of dependent neglected and delinquent children” Acts of the Thirtieth General Assembly, Page 9, has designated, set apart and granted the use of the property situated on Fourth Street in the City of Des Moines,Iowa, known as Tracey Hospital to be used for a detention home in pursuance of the provisions of said act, and in order that said home may be made available for the uses designated, and to the end that the administration of the Juvenile Court may be made efficient, it is ordered that the following named persons, be and the same are appointed a Board of Managers over said Home with full power to manage, control, furnish and administer the affairs of said Home under the direction of the District Court, towit: Mrs. Isaac L. Hillis, Mrs. J.K. Gilcrest, Mrs. Wallace F. Brown, Mr. J.W. Hill and Mr. A. C. Miller; said persons to serve for a period of two years and until their successors are appointed and qualified.

       It is further ordered that the following named persons be and they are hereby appointed as an Advisory Board to said Board of Managers to serve for a like period and until their successors are appointed and qualified, to-wit: Mrs. Albert D. Cummins, President of the Childrens Orphans Home; Francis P. Fitzgerald, Superintendent of the Industrial School for girls, Mitchellville, Iowa; W.H. Slingerland, Superintendent of the Iowa Childrens Home Society; Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, Secretary of the Iowa Humane Society and Miss Lulu McMillan, Superintendent of the Iowa Deaconesses Home.

       In pursuance of Section 6 of said Act, the following persons are appointed and designated as probation officers, to-wit: Mrs. Chas. Hubble White; Mrs. E. Fowler; Mrs. Adam Buttell; Mr. S.E. Squires; Mr. C.F. Johnson; Mr. J.M. Snoddy; Mr. N. Spencer; Mr. J.M. Macomber, Mr. Daniel Rosen Mr. George Schwieger; Miss Nettie Marquardt, Miss Ora Patzig and Rev. W.A. Dahlem.

       It is ordered that the foregoing be made a part of the record in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Polk County, Iowa

*       *       *

[Signed] A. C. Miller


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