Document 17: "Eugene V. Debs With the Wives and Children of Political Prisoners Whom Mrs. Kate O'Hare is Leading on Pilgrimage to Washington," Photograph in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 24 April 1922, p. 1.


        This photograph in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is representative of the publicity that accompanied the Children's Crusade. Images and articles abounded in newspapers across the nation, a fact that attests to O'Hare's success in appealing to the sympathies of the public. Throughout her life, O'Hare recognized the crucial role that public response and outcry played in securing reforms.

The photograph was made when Mrs. O'Hae and her delegation of wives and children of political prisoners, convicted during the war for violation of war statutes, visited Debs' home at Terre Aute. The pilgrimage began in St. Louis, where the participatns assembed, and it is Mrs. O'Hare's plan to have her followers call on the President when they reach Washington to appeal, personally, to him to free their husbands and fathers.



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