How Did Kate Richards O'Hare's Conviction and Incarceration for Sedition
during World War I Change Her Activism?

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Kate Richards O'Hare Cunningham Biography

A brief biography of O'Hare with links to biographical sketches of prominent socialist orator Mary Harris "Mother" Jones and anarchist Emma Goldman.

Booze and Revolution

From the extensive Women and Marxism site which offers primary documents by women. This site features one of O'Hare's articles from 1915.

Commonwealth College

A brief history of the Mena, Arkansas labor college's history by historian William H. Cobb. Frank and Kate Richards O'Hare with William E. Zeuch founded Commonwealth College in 1923.

Dakota Datebook

A brief audio biography of O'Hare from Prarie Public Television and North Dakota Public Radio which focuses on her socialist organizing.

American Utopia

A brief history of the Llano del Rio Cooperative Colony which includes colony demographics, a timeline, as well as primary documents and photographs. The O'Hares joined the colony in 1923 where they established Commonwealth College.

Women of Valor

This online exhibit features extensive biographies of 16 Jewish women, including a biography of Emma Goldman with illustrations, photographs and relevant links.

Eugene V. Debs Foundation

This site is devoted to Eugene Debs, perhaps the most well-known American socialist.



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