Document 10: Mary E. Jackson, "Suggestions from Miss Jackson," [1922], NAACP Papers, Part 7: The Anti-Lynching Campaign, 1912-1955, Series B: Anti-Lynching Legislative and Publicity Files, 1916-1955, Library of Congress (Microfilm, Reel 3, Frame 553).


       In this undated memo, Mary E. Jackson, the National Organizer for the Anti-Lynching Crusaders, offered suggestions concerning how the organization should be structured. She stressed that recruiters should attract young girls aged 8 to 18 to aid the Crusaders' cause and these young members should be called the "Junior Crusaders." These girls were to be sought from established Sunday Schools and youth societies, in similar ways to the recruitment of adult women from existing networks of women's clubs. It is unknown whether or not all of Jackson's suggestions for organizing Junior Crusaders were adopted by the Crusaders.

Suggestions from Miss Jackson.


NAME OF ORGANIZATION. Anti-Lynching Crusaders

SLOGAN. “A Million Women United to Stop Lynching”.

NATIONAL DIRECTOR--Mrs Mary B. Talbert, 521 Michigan Ave Buffalo N.Y.

NATIONAL ORGANIZER--Miss Mary E Jackson, 351 Willard Ave. Providence R.I.


OFFICERS, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer.

COMMITTEES, Executive, Finance, Devotional, Girls work.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. This committee shall be made up of the officers and chairman of committees. It shall carry the responsibility of questions that must be acted upon in the interim of regular meetings of the CRUSADERS.

DEVOTIONAL COMMITTEE. This committee shall carry the responsibility for the entire religious program such as the NOON HOUR PRAYER, the SUNRISE PRAYER MEETING, and the canvass of white clergy with the request for cooperation Oct. 1st. A written endorsement should be secured from our own clergy as a first step.

FINANCE COMMITTEE. This committee shall devise means of raising a small expense fund and feel responsible that your city reaches its quota --------AT LEAST ONE DOLLAR FOR EVERY WOMAN IN THE CITY.

GIRLS WORK. This committee shall seek to line up every girl between the ages of 8 and 18. This group shall be divided into two parts, those from 8 to 12 years old who might give an entertainment, the proceeds from which shall be given in the name of the JUNIOR CRUSADERS. (We should not fail to give our little girls a share in this campaign).
        The group between the ages of 12 and 18 should be enlisted in every activity of the older women, such as the simple committee work, prayers, etc. etc.
Lists might be secured from Sunday Schools, Young People’s Societies, clubs etc.

We are striving to put over a great Democratic movement which shall include every woman and girl in your community. We should have therefore every women’s organization in your city represented on your committees and the names and addresses of every organized movement listed with your secretary.

Other instructions will be sent you from time to time.

The above suggestions I trust may meet the needs of your community. If your local situation seems to require the organization of other committees I would appreciate a report on the same.

M. H. JACKSON                    


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