Document 11B: Mary B. Talbert, Letter to State Director, 25 July 1922, NAACP Papers, Part 7: The Anti-Lynching Campaign, 1912-1955, Series B: Anti-Lynching Legislative and Publicity Files, 1916-1955, Library of Congress (Microfilm, Reel 3, Frame 165).

Buffalo N.Y. July 25th, 1922                    

Dear State Director:

        In my previous letter to you, it was not possible for me to give you in detail the work of this Association, known as the Anti-Lynching Crusaders, of which I am glad to consider you a part.

        The object of this Association shall be to unite a million women to stop lynching, The crusading is to be conducted thru prayer; and while we have designated the month of August as our month of organization, the month of September for instruction, our intensive campaign work will begin the first Sunday morning in October with sunrise prayer meeting, at which time, we hope that over a million women will unite in prayer to God for the stopping of this,--the greatest crime in America.

        Believing that the greater number of State Directors will be assembled, than any other place during the Summer, I shall call a meeting of the State Directors either August 10th or 11th--the time to be announced while at the Convention.

        Miss Mary E. Jackson will be the National Organizer, and as Organizer, will be available to help in your particular section. If the work is too strenuous, we will place in the field, other organizers to assist Miss Jackson.

        It is the aim of this Committee to start on the Campaign, with every woman talking and praying for the same thing, and in order to do this effectively, a letter of instruction will be issued the first week in September.

        As State Director, the important thing for you to do now, is to appoint a Key Woman in every city and town in your state. This Key Woman in turn, will gather about her, her committee, who will do intensive work during this Campaign.

        Anti-Lynching Campaign buttons will be furnished, which will be the emblem worn by every Crusader, during this Drive. These buttons will be furnished to you at cost, and you in turn will sell them at 10 cents each.

        Let it be understood, that the expense necessary to carry on this crusade will be raised by a separate expense fund, for we have decided, that no part of this sacrifice or self-denial fund shall be used for any thing except for the purpose for which it has been raised.

        We will expect you as State Director, to cover your territory, and at Richmond, we will decide how your expense will be taken care of, as well as postage, stationery, and other things necessary to care on this Campaign.

        I have not attempted to give a full and perfect letter of instructions, but simply thoughts for you to think about, and which we will discuss at Richmond.

Yours for the Greatest Movement that has ever swept America,
embracing both white women and black women,

Mary B. Talbert                    



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