Document 21B: NAACP Chairman of the Board to Miss Mary McMurtrie, 26 October 1922, NAACP Papers, Part 7: The Anti-Lynching Campaign, 1912-1955, Series B: Anti-Lynching Legislative and Publicity Files, 1916-1955, Library of Congress (Microfilm, Reel 1, Frame 436).

October 26, 1922                             

Miss Mary McMurtrie
1104 Spruce Street,
Philadelphia, PA.

My dear Miss McMurtrie:

       I feel that you will want to know about a recent opportunity that has come to us.

       The American Fund for Public Services, colloquially known as the Garland Fund, has promised us $5,000 if we can raise an additional $5,000. The money is to be used in our Anti-Lynching Campaign. You see that makes it necessary for us to work at once to get the needed money. We can have $2,500 when we are able to put up $2,500.

       I know how much you have done for us, but if you can assist us now once again we shall be able to enter upon the most interesting work that I think we have ever done. Our work on the Bill before this has been largely political and it has been most successful.

       As you probably know, the Bill has passed the House and has been favorably reported by the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. It should come up in the Senate early the next session.

       What we need now is to have the whole country aroused to this fact that there is an Anti-Lynching Bill and to have the senators flooded with letters, telegrams, etc.

       To put you through such a campaign, of course, means funds.

       We miss our anti-militaristic dinners at Mrs. Leach's do we not? She surely knew how to make a committee meeting attractive.

                     Always sincerely,

                                                 Chairman of the Board.


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