Document 20B: Marianna Pelham Mott to William Pelham, February 1865, Garrison Family Papers, Sophia Smith Collections, Smith College. Handwritten drafts of Mariannaís responses are on the back of Williamís letters.

[Early February, 1865]

My dear William--

       I received your second letter a few days ago. How deeply I regret the unfortunate position of one so nearly related to me, I need scarcely tell you. Yet you must remember how much we have had to feel for the cruel suffering of our men confined in the South. It would be impossible to obtain a parole for you, but for all who wish to return to the Old Flag, such is the leniency of the Government, the way is easy & clear. A general exchange of prisoners is now promised & has begun. I trust that with your release will come to you a speedy return of health & strength.

                                                                         Your cousin


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