Document 20C: William Pelham to Marianna Pelham Mott, 14 February 1865, Garrison Family Papers, Sophia Smith Collections, Smith College. Handwritten drafts of Marianna’s responses are on the back of William’s letters.

                                                                       Johnsons Island Ohio
                                                                                   Feb. 14th 1865

My Dear Cousin:

       Will you not exert your influence to have my name placed on the exchange roll immediately? Recent letters from home render me quite uneasy & anxious on account of my parents health; both as you are aware are quite old; My father is not expected to live much longer[A]; You can appreciate my desire to see him once more; My own health also has been & still is bad. My rank is 2d Lieut.(Cav.) 51st Ala. Regt. If you have any friend in a Southern Prison I will make it my first duty to have him released; & if of my rank I will guaranty his immediate exchange if you will procure my early parole. I have not received an answer to my second letter to you. Please let me know if any thing can be done & excuse haste & importunity.

                                                              Affectionately your cousin
                                                                 Will Pelham
                                                                     2d Lt. 51st Ala. Cav. Regt.
                                                                         (Block 2, Co. 3, U.S. Prison)


A. Atkinson Pelham, William’s father and the “Uncle A.” that Marianna referred to in her response, lived until 1880.
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