Document 20D: Marianna Pelham Mott to William Pelham, February 1865, Garrison Family Papers, Sophia Smith Collections, Smith College. Handwritten drafts of Mariannaís responses are on the back of Williamís letters.


[Late February 1865]

Dear Wm,

       You have doubtless by this time received my second letter which must have passed yours upon the way. After considerable inquiry here as to the means of obtaining your release we have found it necessary to apply directly to the Sec of War. Thos. has written to him to desire that your name may be put upon the roll for an early exchange & I hope it will not be delayed. Any influence which I may obtain I will gladly use in your favor but I have no longer any friends in Southern prisons, those so unfortunate having died there.--Yet all so suffer, I would call my friends & would pray that whenever you may be able you would show such kindness to them as may be in your power. I am very sorry to hear that Uncle A. is not well. I have never thought of him as growing old, having only in my mind the young man my mother has told me of & the kindly face of middle age of which I have an old daguerrotype. Let me cont. to hear how it fares with you.

                                                                       Yr. Cousin



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