Document 10: Mrs. I.E. Evans to Jane Addams, ca. February 1927, Swarthmore College Peace Collection, Jane Addams Papers, Series 1 (Jane Addams Papers Microfilm, reel 18, #1307-1315, #1317-1318).


      In their Magazine, the DAR leadership urged members to get the facts about subversive peace activism so that they could share the "truth" with their family and friends. By 1927 some Daughters realized that their officers did not always have their facts straight. Historians can only speculate whether leaders purposely distorted the truth in order to cast peace activists in an un-American light or whether they simply accepted the facts provided by others as truth. Whatever the case, the DAR distributed these "facts" widely. In this letter, DAR member Mrs. I.E. Evans requested that Jane Addams comment on a series of charges provided to Evans by the DAR national office. (For the Report itself, see Document 11.)

Dear Miss Addams or Secretary,

        I am desirous of defending you against the report herein enclosed which was forwarded at my request from Mrs. Walker, chrmn. [of a] Committee [of the] D.A.R. at Washington D.C. I wish to give a talk at the Wichita Chapter [of the] D.A.R. upon the material enclosed.

        Will you please answer the charges and return all to me.

P.S. I wish to apologize to Miss Addams for any discourtesy received by her from [the] D.A.R. and will say I am not in sympathy with this attack.



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