Document 6: Jane Addams to Helen C. Travis, 5 June 1924, Jane Addams Papers, Correspondence, Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Jane Addams Papers Microfilm, reel #16, 639-640, 800).

June 5, 1924      

My dear Mrs. Travis,

            I too am a member of the D.A.R. and am happy to report that at the National meeting in Washington they refused to condemn the League. I think it is only some of the local chapters that have indulged in this sport.

            I have given out almost every scrap of material which I have here but am sending your letter on to the office in Washington and I am sure you will get some literature from them.

            Thanking you for your kindness, I am

                                                                        Faithfully yours,
                                                                        [Jane Addams]

Mrs. M.B. Travis
Iron Mountain, Michigan


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