What Gender Perspectives Shaped the Emergence of the
National Association of Colored Women, 1895-1920?

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Document 1: "Address of Josephine St. P. Ruffin," 1895

Document 2: Fannie Barrier Williams, "Need of Co-operation of Men and Women in Correctional Work," May 1895

Document 3: "National Association of Colored Women," Aug.-Sept. 1896

Document 4: Mary Church Terrell, First Presidential Address, NACW, 15 September 1897

Document 5: Selena S. Butler, "The Chain-Gang System," Nashville, 16 September 1897

Document 6: Editorial, National Association Notes, September 1898

Document 7: Fannie Barrier Williams, "A Local Awakening," 29 July 1899

Document 8: W.H. Burghardt Du Bois, "Two Negro Conventions," 7 September 1899

Document 9: Adella Hunt Logan, "Why the National Association of Colored Women Should Become Part of the National Council of Women of the United States," December 1899

Document 10: Mary Church Terrell, "Greetings from the National Association of Colored Women to the National Council of Women," 1900

Document 11: Mary Church Terrell, "A Personal Letter from Our President," January 1901

Document 12A: "The Report of the Woman's Era Club For 1899," April 1900

Document 12B: "The Woman's Era Club and The National Association," May 1900

Document 13: Fannie Barrier Williams, "The Club Movement among Colored Women of America," 1900

Document 14: John Hope, undated speech to Atlanta clubwomen

Document 15: Mary Church Terrell, Third Presidential Address, NACW, July 1901

Document 16: Annie H. Jones, "How Can We as Women Advance the Standing of the Race?" July 1904

Document 17: Charles Alexander, "Women's Clubs at Boston," 17 August 1905

Document 18: Constitution of the National Association of Colored Women, 1906

Document 19: Josephine Silone Yates to Mrs. B.T. Washington, 28 February 1906

Document 20 : Excerpt from Mamie Garvin Fields with Karen Fields, Lemon Swamp and Other Places, ca. 1916.

Document 21: Margaret Murray Washington, "The Negro Home," October 1920



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