September 2015óCALL for Applications for a New Editorial Team
for Women and Social Movements in the United States

Search for new editors and an editorial home for Women and Social Movements in the United States

The founding editors of the online journal and database, Women and Social Movements in the United States (WASM), Kitty Sklar and Tom Dublin, are launching a search for new editors and a new editorial home for WASM for a five-year period, beginning January 1, 2018. For almost twenty years WASM has published online pathbreaking scholarship and primary sources in U.S. Women's History. Since 2003, WASM has been a peer-reviewed online journal and database, co-published by the Center for the Historical Study of Women and Gender at SUNY Binghamton and Alexander Street Press.

We now seek a new editorial team and home for WASM to build on what has been accomplished at Binghamton and also move the journal/database in new directions--appropriate for the changing character of U.S. women's history and the new possibilities of the digital world. We invite proposals from prospective editorial teams that combine strengths in women's history, information technology and information science, and who, with strong support from their home institution(s) can promise a vibrant and secure future for WASM. The current editors are joined by Eileen Boris, Victoria Brown, and Carol Lasser, who have been editorial advisors to WASM and will help select the new editorial team.

June 1, 2015: Search/application process begins. July 1, 2016: Proposals due with specifics of institutional support from prospective editors. September 1, 2016: Announcement of new editors and supporting institution(s). March 2017-December 2018: New and current editors coordinate work as new editors begin soliciting new work for the editorial pipeline and current editors share material in the existing pipeline. January 1, 2019: Term for new editors begins.

Financial Support
Alexander Street Press will provide a generous annual grant to the new institution housing the editorial operations of the journal/database, comparable to the publisher's support for the Journal of Women's History, intended to support office expenses and the employment of graduate student staff. In addition, ASP will provide funds for payments to authors and associate editors, licensing fees for copyrighted documents and images, photocopying or scanning charges, proofreading or research assistance, and travel by the editors to scholarly conferences to represent the journal/database.

The home institution of the editors is expected to match this support with monetary and/or in-kind support for editorial operations. This should be spelled out in detail in proposals by editorial teams. In the years that WASM has been co-published at SUNY Binghamton, the university has provided: graduate assistantships for editorial assistants, including stipends and tuition support, course release for the editors, funds for supplies and expenses, and office space. Alexander Street Press will contract with the new home institution specifying these obligations as well as schedules for journal content to be provided by the editorial team.

Interested parties should contact us for more detailed guidelines.

Kathryn Kish Sklar,
Thomas Dublin,

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