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May 2005

Dear Colleague--

As the academic year winds down and we prepare for the upcoming Berkshire Conference, we want to send you one final WASM newsletter for the school year. We continue to build on the momentum of our first year of collaboration with Alexander Street Press. Almost 150 college and university libraries subscribe to WASM. If your institution does not currently subscribe, your librarian can request a 30-day free trial by contacting Alexander Street Press at or (800) 889-5937 or (703) 212-8520. We hope that this will be a convenient way for you and your students to access and evaluate this resource.

The fifth issue (9:1) of our online quarterly journal, Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000, appeared in late March at It consists of two document projects focused on women's labor history and three book and website reviews. The new document projects are:

You can access a table of contents of the new issue of the journal at

Our full-text sources now total 20,000 pages on the woman suffrage movement and women's organizations, 1830-1930. You can get a list of the 76 full-text sources currently available by going to "Browse-Sources" and clicking on the link to "Full-text only." Along with our regular issue of the journal we have added a new feature, "How to Navigate the Women and Social Movements Web Site," which describes in detail the navigational and searching features of the website. It is accessible from the home page of the subscription website, but also from our freely-accessible editorial website as well.

In our next issue (out in late June) we will publish two more document projects, more book and website reviews, and additional teaching tools.

We have planned a full schedule for the Women and Social Movements website at the Berkshire Conference in early June. We hope to see you there. There will be two sessions and a reception featuring WASM.

Friday, June 3

Sunday, June 5

8:30-10:30: "Documenting the Second Wave Online," a session including Kitty Sklar, Judith Ezekiel, and Stephanie Gilmore, our co-editors for special issues on second-wave feminism. At this session you can learn more about authoring a document project in any chronological era.

Meanwhile, future issues of our online journal will include:
· Women and conservation, 1900-1930
· the campaign for mothers' pensions
· state commissions on the status of women and the emergence of second-wave feminism
· the emergence of sexual harassment as a feminist issue
· Catholic women and second-wave feminism
· the first Jewish women's movement

If you haven't already submitted a project proposal, please consider doing so. It is an excellent way to bring your work to the attention of our large audience. Drop us an email note if you have an idea for a project. Or consult our website page on how to submit a proposal. We'd be pleased to help you develop your ideas.

A new idea for the website that came out of our luncheon meeting at the recent OAH meeting in San Jose is the establishment of a WASM chat room where users of the website can share ideas on how to use the site in their teaching. We are working on that idea and hope to launch such a resource by the fall.

Thanks for your continuing interest in Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000. As you look over the new website, please share your reactions with us and let us know any ideas you may have about how we can better serve your needs and interests.

Best wishes,

Kitty Sklar

Tom Dublin

Melissa Doak


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