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October 2004

Dear Colleague--

We hope you are off to a good start to the academic year. Our big news at the Women and Social Movements website is that Alexander Street Press is making the website freely available to all libraries during the month of November. You will find that the normal URL for the site,, will permit free access throughout the month. We hope that this will be a convenient way for you and your students to access and evaluate this resource.

After you have checked out the website, and if your institution does not currently subscribe, you can ask your librarian to request a free trial so that faculty and students can continue to check out possibilities. Your librarian should contact the Press at or (800) 889-5937 or (703) 212-8520.

The third issue of our online quarterly journal, Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000, appeared on the website recently. We are adding three more document projects, three sets of document-based questions, and the full texts of three more books related to woman suffrage and women's rights. At this point our full-text sources total 20,000 pages. The new document projects on the site include:

You can get a listing of all the full-text sources currently up on the database by going to "Browse Sources" and clicking on the link to "fulltext only" that you will find at the top of that table of contents listing.

The full-text sources that we have just added include:

The Anthony lecture is one that we transcribed from a handwritten copy at the Schlesinger Library that Susan B. Anthony delivered in 1854 and has never before been published

Finally, you can access a table of contents of the new issue of the journal at

Forthcoming projects planned for future issues include:
· the 1982 New York Chinatown garment strike,
· the built environment of Hull-House, 1889-1912
· the 1977 Houston Women's Conference
· women and the conservation movement, 1900-1930
· the 1910 Garment Workers Strike in Chicago

Also, with the December quarterly issue, we expect to publish our first two book reviews; in the March 2005 issue we will begin to add website reviews.

With each issue of the journal our authors' database grows. We now have biographical data on almost 1,200 authors whose writings appear on the website. We are now researching the new authors added to the database with the most recent issue and we are updating other biographical information

Our pipeline of projects in progress continues to grow. Please consider writing a document project for the website. It is an excellent way to bring your work to the attention of our large audience. If you have an idea for a possible project, please drop us an email note. Or consult our website page on how to submit a proposal. We'd be pleased to work with you in developing your ideas.

Thanks for your continuing interest in Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000. As you look over the new website, please share your reactions with us and let us know any ideas you may have about how we can better serve your needs and interests.

Best wishes,

Kitty Sklar

Tom Dublin

Melissa Doak


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