Document 12B: Louisa L. Alexander to Reverend George Whipple, 5 October 1865, Ellen Lawson and Marlene D. Merrill Papers, Record Group 30/157, Box 1, Oberlin College Archives (Photocopies of Original Letters in American Missionary Association Records).

Oberlin Oct. 5 1865

Mr. Whipple

        I received a letter from Capt. Wall[A] some weeks ago saying that he had an interview with you with regard to my going South; and he said that you was perfectly willing to send me provided I would send you a letter of recommendation;

Mrs. Dascom gave me one which I sent to you immediately and I have been looking for two weeks for a letter from you but have not yet received one; I have just seen Mr. Fairchild and he says that he will give me a letter to you and I had better go right on without waiting for a letter, as I have not the means to pay my expense traveling I thought that I had better wait untill I could hear from you; Mrs. Wall[B] leaves here next Thursday for South Carolina and if I go I should like to go in company with her; will you be kind enough to answer this by the returning mail; and you will oblige me very much indeed for I am very anxious to hear;

Yours Respectfully

[signed] Louisa L. Alexander


A. Captain O.S.B Wall (1823-1891), born in Rockingham, NC, was the son of wealthy planter Steven Wall and his slave, Priscilla. In Oberlin he was an important leader who assisted the Underground Railroad. During the Civil War, as a Captain in the 104th U.S. Colored Infantry, he was stationed in Charleston, where he remained after the war ended.
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B. Amanda Thomas attended Oberlin in 1854 and married O.S.B. Wall the same year.
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