Document 9B: Harriet Beecher Stowe to Mary Edmondson, 2 October 1852, Henry Cowles Papers, Box #3, Series: Correspondence, Personal; Folders: Aug-Dec 1852 and Jan-July 1853; Record Group 30/27, Oberlin College Archives.

Andover Oct 2./ 52

My dear Mary

        I was very glad to receive a note from you, as all before have been from Emily. I think that with a little care you & Emily both will write very handsome hands. You are doing very well in writing now.

        I heard tonight from your dear mother. She is still a slave for Mr. Valdenar says that sickness & other causes have so put back his work that he cannot spare your brother yet. Pray earnestly for them they lie with great weight on my heart. I am glad to learn from Mrs. Cowles' letter that you are doing so well. If I could have chosen of all the homes in America, I could not have asked for you a better one than you have with her. The hand of God is in it. & I trust you will gratefully acknowledge it.

        I have so very very much writing to do that I can only send you a few lines at a time. Give her my very best love to Emily & tell Mrs. Cowles that I intend forwarding a little money soon for present needs & more on the 1st of January when my payments become due. Give her my very best love.

        I will as I promised you give a list at the bottom of my letter of mis spelt words as I do for my own children when they write to me.

Affectionately yours

[signed] H.B. Stowe

harde is spelt hard
Studys is spelt studies
presant is spelt present
wate spelt wait
too for 2 spelt two

        I shall keep your letters & six months hence compare what you write then & if I am not much mistaken we shall see great improvement --you write now much better than I expected.



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