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Document 2A: "Girls' Reserves Silver Tea Gathering," Newspaper clipping from Oohei Nippo [The Pacific Daily News], May 1938. Translated by Lynn Jacobson-Katsumoto. Portland YWCA scrapbook, Portland YWCA Archives, Portland, Oregon.

Girls' Reserves
Silver Tea Gathering
This coming 1st at 3pm, at the Portland YWCA

       This coming May 1 from 3 until 5 in the afternoon, the Japanese Girls' Reserve will be holding a Silver Tea at the Portland YWCA. The proceeds of the day will be used partly for sending girls to the Girls' Reserve Camp, and for receiving training in various subjects during one week attendance at the Civic Meeting to be held this summer in California. The following program will be offered during the function.

  • New Dance: a group performance of nine young ladies including Kokubu, Somekawa, Yamamoto, Nishimura, Teshima, Moriyasu, Kiyomura, Katagiri and Endo.
  • Classical Dance: Nishino Mitsuko
  • Piano: Higashino Reiko
  • Koto: Moriyasu Frances, Nishimura Kimi
  • Chorus (Japanese songs): Inuzuka, Katagiri, Tanida, Endo Accompaniment: Kohara

The following are patrons of the Silver Tea.

       Consulate Yoshida and his wife, Mr. & Mrs. MacNaughton, Mr. & Mrs. Collins, Mr. & Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. & Mrs. Hopper, Mr. & Mrs. McIver, Mr & Mrs. Farnham and Mr. & Mrs. Harrison. In addition to Mr. & Mrs. Takeoka and Mr. & Mrs. Oyama are also Mrs. Stevens and Miss Laber.

       The Girls' Reserve chairman, Miss Katagiri Chieko, had the following to say about this event:

       "Beginning with the Honorable Consulate Yoshida and his wife, we are honored to have the support of many prominent members of the American community.

       "The purpose of the Girls' Reserve is to develop women of strong mind and body as upstanding American citizens. I especially want to ask that many members of the general public and first generation Japanese please come and attend our function."

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