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Document 2: Jess Scott, "The Grapevine: Women Scheme Invasion," The Oregonian, 6 October 1963, Portland YWCA Archives, Portland, Oregon.

The Sunday Oregonian, October 6, 1963

Women Scheme Invasion?

The Grapevine


       "OUR NEXT MEETING," said chairman blandly, glancing about at her committee of men and women at University Club luncheon table, "will be at the Arlington Club."

       She got her laughs. As everybody knows, the Arlington Club is strictly men only. Dunno why wives haven't picketed them long ago; some wives are unreliably reported to be plotting this.

       Not, however, the women on this committee of YWCA, a UGN agency, headed by Lorene (Mrs. John C.) Higgins. Mr. and Mrs. Higgins were giving luncheon for YW amortization committee. You know--means fixing to burn the mortgage.

       Mrs. H., when she undertook big three-year job now in last phase, has 10 men, 10 women on committee, including her husband and some of his Arlington Club friends. Latter group gets kidded, but takes this amiably.

       Sheer coincidence, he says, prompted Walter J. Cosgrave, writing skit for recent State Bar Ass'n convention, to say merger was in offing for Arlington Club and YWCA. And did he get his laughs? He did.

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