A large part of this website is now co-published by Alexander Street Press and available by subscription only. On that site, an extensive database and "semantic indexing" provides rich keyword searching of all document projects as well as 29,000 additional pages of primary documents. Full-text searching of freely-available document projects continues to be accessible from this page.

       This search engine will search the full text of all documents on this site. With the "Match" menu, you can choose to match all or any keywords. Or you can create a more complex expression by choosing "Boolean" and then linking your keywords with "and" or "or" or "not." You cannot search for groups of adjacent words without also getting instances where the words appear separately. The search engine is not case sensitive.

       Using the menu box labeled "Search in" allows you to search either the entire website ("All projects") or a particular document project. By clicking on the down arrow at the right of the box you can view a pop-down menu noting your choice.

       Examples: If you search for "Jane Addams" the search engine will return all documents with "Jane Addams," but it will also give you documents with the words "Jane" and "Addams" anywhere in the document.

       To search for documents with references to two terms, such as Jane Addams and Frederick Douglass, you should set the "Match" menu box to "all" and the "Search in" menubox to "All projects" and type the search terms "Addams" and "Douglass" in the Keyword menu box. The same search with "any" in the "Match" menu box will return all documents with references to either Addams or Douglass.

       To search for terms in one document project, go to the "Search in" menu box and select that document project. If later you want to search in all projects or in a different project, you will need to reset the "Search in" menu box. Type the word(s) for which you want to search in the box below.

       Type the word(s) for which you want to search in the box below.

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