How Did the First Jewish Women's Movement Draw on Progressive
Women's Activism and Jewish Traditions, 1893-1936?

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Document 1: Excerpts from Bertha von Marenholtz-Bülow, Reminiscences of Friedrich Froebel, 1877

Document 2: Maria Kraus-Boelte, "The New York Normal Kindergarten," 1881

Document 3: Excerpts from Elizabeth Peabody, Lectures in the Training School for Kindergartners, 1886

Document 4: Francis W. Parker, "The Kindergarten of Boston," 1889

Document 5: Amalie Hofer, "Women's Sphere not Limited to Four Walls, but Infinite," 1889

Document 6: Anna Bryan, "The Letter Killeth," 1890

Document 8A: Letter, Susan Blow to William Torrey Harris, July 9, 1892

Document 8B: Photograph, Susan Blow's kindergarten in St. Louis, date uncertain.

Document 9: Excerpts from Kate Douglas Wiggin, The Story of Patsy, 1895

Document 10: Luther Whiting Mason, "The Kindergarten in Japan," 1895

Document 11B: "Tick, Tack!" drawing, American edition, 1878

Document 11C: "Kotto Kotto" or "Sound of clock," woodblock print, Japanese edition, 1895

Document 12: May Henriette Horton, "Kindergartens in Japan," 1897

Document 13A: "The Piano-Forte," drawing, American edition, 1878

Document 13B: "Yubi Piano" or "Finger Piano," woodblock print, Japanese edition, 1895

Document 13C: "Pat-a-Cake," drawing, American edition, 1878

Document 13D: "Kashi Momi" or "Kneading Sweets," woodblock print, Japanese edition, 1895

Document 13E: "The Toyman and the Maiden," drawing, American edition, 1878

Document 13F: "Omocha mise to Musume" or "The Toy Store and the Maiden," woodblock print, Japanese edition, 1895

Document 13G: "The Child and the Moon," drawing, American edition, 1878

Document 13H: "Osana go to Tsuki" or "The Child and the Moon," woodblock print, Japanese edition, 1895

Document 14A: Photograph, Presidents of the International Kindergarten Union, ca. 1930

Document 14B: Lucy Wheelock, "International Kindergarten Union Announcements," 1897

Document 15: Nina C. Vandewalker, "The Kindergarten in the Chicago School System," 1897

Document 16: Jenny B. Merrill, "Public Kindergartens of New York City," 1897

Document 17: Marion Keyes, "I am singing of the praises of the Class of 1904," 1904

Document 18: Josephine Silone Yates, "Kindergartens and Mothers' Clubs, as Related to the Work of the National Association of Colored Women," 1905

Document 19: Excerpts from Nina C. Vandewalker, The Kindergarten in American Education, 1908

Document 20: Patty Smith Hill, "The Future of the Kindergarten," 1909

Document 21: Excerpts from Jane Addams, Twenty Years at Hull-House, 1910

Document 22: G. Stanley Hall, "The Pedagogy of the Kindergarten," 1911

Document 23: John Dewey, "Froebel's Educational Principles," 1915

Document 24: S. E. Weber, The Kindergarten as an Americanizer, 1919

Document 25: Earl Barnes, "How the Kindergarten Makes Americans," 1923

Document 26: Excerpt from Kate Douglas Wiggin, My Garden of Memory: An Autobiography, 1923

Document 27: Beulah Amidon, "Forty Years in Kindergarten: An Interview with Patty Smith Hill," 1927

Document 28: Excerpt from Elizabeth Harrison, Sketches along Life's Road, 1930

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