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Pacifism vs. Patriotism in Women's Organizations of the 1920s

Document 6

The Daughters of the American Revolution described the "un-American" activities of Jane Addams:

      Her organization, namely the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, was so desirous of securing "peace on earth and good will toward men" that it took the trouble to send out in May 1923 a bulletin assailing the imperialism of the United States, in which bulletin, in order to create hatred for America, is recited the fact that we stole our country from the native Indians and exterminated them. This bulletin was printed in English and Spanish in parallel columns and had wide distribution in Mexico, the object, of course, being to infer to the Mexicans that we were going to steal their country and exterminate them. . . .

      "The Daily Worker" which is the official mouthpiece of the Workers (Communist) Party of America, on May 19th printed an advertisement that Jane Addams Hull House was given over for a meeting on the Passaic strike and this meeting was addressed by no less a notorious communist than F G. Biedenkapp, National Secretary of the International Workers' Aid, [a] subsidiary organization of the Workers (Communist) Party of America.

      Jane Addams is a friend of Anna Louise Strong, Soviet agent that recently toured this country. "Anise" when in Chicago, stops at Hull House.

      She, so far as any public records go, has never raised her voice toward the disarmament of Russia or toward the lessening of the Communists' ability and willingness to carry on civil war in America and other countries outside of Russia but she is doing everything she apparently can do to lessen the ability of America and other countires to resist a Communist uprising and civil war. In other words, all her actions have tended toward the strengthening of the hands of the Communists to make for the success of a Communist war in our country.

-- Excerpt from the DAR Dossier on Jane Addams

13. According to the dossier, in what unpatriotic activity did Jane Addams participate?




14. Why might this dossier effectively discredit Addams in the United States in the 1920s?




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