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The 1938 San Antonio Pecan Shellers Strike

Document 4

Pecan Workers Protest Civil Rights Curb

Police Ban Pickets of 8,000 Strikers at San Antonio

       SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Feb.3--Pecan workers, who have been on strike since last Monday against the Delicious Pecan Company here, appealed today to Governor James V. Allred to restore their civil rights which are being flagrantly violated by local police and government officials.

       Action was taken by officials of the United Cannery, Agriculture, Packing, and Allied Workers, CIO., which has been leading the strike of 8,000, after San Antonio police forcibly smashed all picket lines around the struck plant this morning.

       The police gesture followed on the heels of a decree issued yesterday by the city government denying the strikers a permit to collect food and other contributions.

-- "Pecan Workers Protest Civil Rights Curb," The Daily Worker, 4 February 1938

7.  How are local officials violating the civil rights of the striking pecan workers?




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