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Original questions developed by:
Connie Ziemski, Summer 2003

Rebecca Hemzik, Summer 2002
Jeremy Klaff, Summer 2001

This section of the Teacher's Corner contains several sets of Document-Based Questions (DBQs) modeled on the New York State Regents Examinations in United States History and Government. The topics represented by the DBQs can be found in the 11th grade Core Curriculum. They are designed for the average student but can be used in an AP or Honors course. The DBQs are challenging and should more than adequately prepare the student to answer the DBQ on the NYS Regents exam. These DBQs are designed to simulate the interpretive thinking of historians. They ask real questions that contemporary historians are working on. The documents allow a variety of interpretations and the scaffolding questions allow multiple responses. Students should find the topics interesting and intellectually stimulating.

Political Women in the American Revolution (2004)

The Nineteenth-Century Women's Dress Reform Movement, 1838-1881 (2002)

Woman Suffrage In Colorado (2004)

Women and Freedmen's Aid, 1863-1870 (2002)

African-American Women in the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (2004)

Southern Women in the Anti-Lynching Campaign (2004)

Florence Kelley and the Illinois Sweatshop Law, 1893-1897 (2002)

Du Bois and Washington on Woman Suffrage (2004)

Women and the Lawrence Textile Strike, 1912 (2002)

Pacifism vs. Patriotism in Women's Organizations of the 1920s (2004)

The National Woman's Party and Suffrage for African-American Women (2002)

Women and Civil Liberties in the San Antonio Pecan Workers Strike, 1938 (2002)

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