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Female Moral Reform, 1835-1841

Discussion of the major arguments that helped shape moral reform discourse; two short paper assignments focusing on comparisons of in-class reading and one additional document.

The Woman's Rights Movement

Discussion about why some men supported the woman's rights movement before the Civil War as well as an exploration of the roots of the women's movement in the anti-slavery movement; a 5-page paper assignment asking students to evaluate how the antislavery movement contributed to the emergence of the woman's rights movement.

Women in the Oneida Community

A discussion of the Oneida Community's social practices, and whether they had different benefits and drawbacks for men and women; suggestion for a short writing assignment based on documents in the Oneida Community project.

Gender and the Freedman's Aid Movement

A class discussion focusing on conflicts between male and female reformers; a suggestion for a class debate; an optional written assignment based on the debate.

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