What Was the Relationship between Mary Church Terrell's International Experience and
Her Work against Racism in the United States?

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Document 1: Mary Church Terrell, "Another Glimpse of the Old World," 1891

Document 2: Mary Church Terrell, Typescript, "Address to be Delivered at the International Congress of Women in Berlin, Germany, June 13th 1904

Document 3: Mary Church Terrell, "The International Congress of Women Recently Held in Berlin, Germany," October 1904

Document 4: Mary Church Terrell, "The Strongest for the Weakest," 1904

Document 5: Mary Church Terrell, "A Colored Woman's Visit to the Countess of Warwick," 1904

Document 6: Mary Church Terrell, "A Plea for the White South by a Coloured Woman," 1905

Document 7: Mary Church Terrell, "Difficulties of Negroes in the United States: A Word About Lynching," 2 November 1905

Document 8: Mary Church Terrell, "Good Citizenship from a Woman's Point of View," 10 March 1906

Document 9: Mary Church Terrell, "Peonage in the United States: The Convict Lease System and the Chain Gangs," 1907

Document 10: Mary Church Terrell, "An Interview with W. T. Stead on the Race Problem," July 1907

Document 11: Mary Church Terrell, Reminiscences of the International Congress of Women Conference for Permanent Peace, 1919

Document 12: Mary Church Terrell, "A Doughboy's Fatal Mistake in London," ca. 1919

Document 13: Mary Church Terrell, "The Racial Worm Turns," 1920

Document 14: Mary Church Terrell, "The Progress & Problems of Colored Women," ca.1920

Document 15: Mary Church Terrell, "Black People and Arguments by Democrats in Favor of the League of Nations," 26 October 1920

Document 16: Mary Church Terrell, "An Appeal to Colored Women to Vote and Do Their Duty in Politics," 1921

Document 17: Letter, Mary Church Terrell to Jane Addams, 18 March 1921

Document 18: Mary Church Terrell, "Remarks Made at Mass Meeting," 15 November 1921

Document 19: Mary Church Terrell, Colored Women and World Peace, 1932

Document 20: Mary Church Terrell, "On the Trip to Europe," 1937

Document 22: Mary Church Terrell, "Race Problem and the War," ca. 1942-1945

Document 23: Mary Church Terrell, "Human Relations in Transition to Peace,"13 October 1944

Document 24: Mary Church Terrell, "Testimony Before the House Judiciary Committee on the Equal Rights Amendment," 10 March 1948

Document 25: Mary Church Terrell, "Senator Benton's Appeal to the Senate to Pass the F.E.P.C. [Fair Employment Practices Commission] Bill," 1949

Document 26A: Mary Church Terrell, Speech at Lake Success, New York, at the presentation of a petition to the Human Rights Commission, UN Economic and Social Council, 19 September 1949

Document 26B: W. E. B. Du Bois, A Petition to the Human Rights Commission, UN Economic and Social Council, 19 September 1949 Document 18: Josephine Silone Yates, "Kindergartens and Mothers' Clubs, as Related to the Work of the National Association of Colored Women," 1905

Document 27: Mary Church Terrell, "Address for the Maryland Committee for Peace," 6 October 1950


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