Document 2: Minutes, Women’s City Club of New York, 17 October 1917, WCCNY Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Hunter College, New York, N.Y. (WCCNY microfilm, reel 1, frames 78-80).


       In these monthly minutes Miss Goodrich described the club's new maternity center, and Miss Anne Stevens, a graduate nurse of Johns Hopkins, who was in charge of the Center, gave a brief report that mentioned several other cooperating organizations. Another member, Dr. Angenette Parry, urged members to participate in this aspect of the club's activities.

       After announcing the coming meetings of the Club, Mrs. Howe stated that the first part of the evening’s program would consist of reports on the Maternity work and introduced Miss Annie Goodrich as the first speaker.

       Miss Goodrich spoke most enthusiastically of the work, the special need for it at this time, and dwelt briefly upon the three important phases:

      1. The establishment of a central office where all cases within the zone can be reported
      2. The working out of a system of pre-natal care which is exceedingly good
      3. The presence of nurses at time of delivery.

       Statistics can be gathered from the conduct of the Maternity Center which will serve as working figures for other centers, both in New York and elsewhere.

       Miss Anne Stevens, the nurse in charge of the Center, next gave a brief report of the actual work accomplished. Since the Center opened September 3rd, 278 cases have been registered at the Office, all of which have received attention. The organizations cooperating are: School Nurses, Milk Station Nurses, 3 mid-wives, Manhattan Maternity Hospital, Diet Kitchen, Henry Street Settlement, Charities Organization Society, and the Beth-El Sisterhood. Miss Stevens closed with the account of two patients which were of particular interest.

       The third speaker, Dr. Angenette Parry, spoke of the great need of the work, the splendid leadership at the Center, and expressed hope that every member of the Club would become vitally interested in the experiment.


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