Document 6: "Maternity Center," Bulletin, Women's City Club of New York, 2 (June 1918), p. 4, WCCNY Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Hunter College, New York, N.Y. (WCCNY microfilm, reel 17, frame 72).


       This report to the Bulletin notes that club members hoped the city would take over their maternity work. It also mentions the formation of a committee, which was later named the Maternity Center Association.

Maternity Center.

       With the creation of a committee to establish Maternity Centers throughout the city one of the fundamental purposes of the Club's effort in this field has been accomplished. Until the municipality is ready to take over this work, the formation of a city wide committee is most encouraging.

       Our own "Zone 7" however, now of nation-wide fame, remains the model demonstration center. With over 1,600 mothers registered with us, with a rapidly increasing attendance at the clinic, with over 300 yards of cloth for baby clothes sold and mostly made up at the Center, and with a growing co-operation from doctors and midwives, we feel that the Center is firmly established in the neighborhood. We need for immediate use old muslin, linen, blankets, and also a small automobile to save time of supervising nurse.


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