Document 8: Women's City Club of New York, The Maternity Center, pamphlet, [1919], WCCNY Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Hunter College, New York, N.Y. (WCCNY microfilm, reel 20, frame 238).


       This flyer was designed to attract women to the center. It offered "a good time!" as well as prenatal and post-partum health care.

The Maternity Center

To Expectant Mothers:

       At the Maternity Center, 219 East 79th Street, you may get help and advice in preparing for your baby. You may secure the services of a nurse to help until the baby is one month old. The nurse works under the direction of your doctor or midwife.

Doctors and Midwives may also secure the services of a nurse who will visit their patients regularly and report directly to them. They can also secure a nurse to help at time of delivery.

A Clinic is maintained where doctors and midwives may bring their patients for an obstetrician's examination and advice.

Baby Clothes. At the center you can buy very good cheap material to make up into clothing for your baby. There are sewing machines there, also, and the nurses will help you.

Mothers' Clubs. Come and have a good time! Every Friday night. Knitting, sewing, music, refreshments--entertainment for all.

Come and Get Acquainted


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