Document 1: Hannah Clothier Hull to Jane Addams, 12 March 1920, Swarthmore College Peace Collection, Jane Addams Papers 1860-1960 (Microfilm, reel 12, #1498, #1499, #1500).


       In the following letter, Hannah Clothier Hull, one of the founders of the Woman's Peace Party and WILPF, wrote to Jane Addams requesting she meet with A. Mitchell Palmer, the U.S. Attorney General who organized the Red Scare and prosecuted or deported radicals who were rounded up.

My dear Miss Addams;

        We took almost a day to give further consideration to the proposed interview with Mr. Palmer after your letter came. Then as I had seen in the papers that he would be in Chicago soon, I wired him last evening to know whether he could see you there. We do hesitate to bring you all the way to Washington with the uncertainty of feeling in your own mind, as to what can be accomplished, but if you can see Mr. Palmer in Chicago without so much effort on your part it would certainly be worth while. I will let you know by wire just as soon as I hear.

        I laid the matter of your willingness to have the interview with Mitchell Palmer, before our Yearly Meeting's Peace committee the other day. They are much interested in it, and instructed me to be responsible in the name of the committee for all of your expenses between Chicago and Washington if you decide to come on. It was their thought that it would be much better for you to see him in Washington, but I do not know that there is much agreement on that. You see, we Friends feel personally responsible for Mr. Palmer so that whatever influence you can exert is helping us. I can not feel that he is so immune from the human appeal which you could make. And isn't it still needed for the release of those still being held as well as for preventing further arrest?

       Mr. Hull or Mrs. Simms will gladly go with you and I will let you know about it just as soon as possible. I have talked with him already and feel that someone else would be better.

        Thank you so much for your invitation to be at Hull House during the convention. Such a privilege lures me. I thought I could not attend as I was counting my pennies those days with the hope of being able to take our daughter to England with us this summer. May I leave it open a little while?

Faithfully and Affectionately Yours,
Hannah Clothier Hull


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