Document 24:  Marjory Miller Whittemore to William A. Allen, Santa Barbara, 21 August 1931, The Records of the Womenís International League for Peace and Freedom, U. S. Section, Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Scholarly Resources Microfilm, reel 42, #884).


        This reply from Marjory Whittemore clearly stated that WILPF was not in any way affliated with communism. She denied any radicalism in the League's goal of attaining international arbitration and disarmament. She supported this assertion by listing conservative bodies and individuals who were in agreement with the League's peace policies, including President Hoover.

Womenís International League


My dear Mr. Allen:

        Your letter, without date, reached me this morning. I was not aware that your previous letter needed any reply. As I wrote you in my letter of July 14th, we referred your statements, as published, to the officials of our National organization for their attention.

        Neither I, as an individual, nor the Santa Barbara Branch of the Womenís International League for Peace and Freedom, is interested in arranging any meeting for you to reiterate your insinuations against our character and motives.

        The Womenís International League for Peace and Freedom is working for the reduction of armaments through international agreement. This program is advocated by President Hoover, Secretary Stimson, Premier MacDonald, and Signor Mussolini, as well as by such conservative groups as the American Association of University Women, the Young Womenís Christian Association, and the International Alliance for Suffrage and Equal Citizenship.

        You are evidently convinced that any organization that is interested in the reduction of armaments is in sympathy with the steps leading to the success of the Russian communistic effort. This is rather a narrow view of the objects of such an organization.

        The Veterans of Foreign Wars is a fine organization of men, who have ideals to present to the American public. The statements you are making in regard to our organization, are, I feel certain, not in accord with their attitude.

Mr. William A. Allen
Asst. Patriotic Instructor
U. S. Flag Code Ordinance Division
938 N. Brand Boulevard
San Fernando California



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