Document 7A:  Hamilton Holt to Lucia Ames Mead, Florida, 27 August 1926. Papers of Edwin Doak Mead & Lucia Ames Mead, 1876-1936, Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Scholarly Resources Microfilm, reel 3, box 6).


       This letter from Hamilton Holt, President of Rollins College, warned Lucia Mead of a circular that was being sent around Florida by DAR member, Ida Floyd White. He enclosed a copy (see Document 7B), which declared Mrs. Mead to be a "serious menace" to the people of Florida because of her connections with the National Council for the Prevention of War. The circular's description of her political affiliations and beliefs was a yeasty combination of lies and distortions. Holt pointed out these distortions in his reply to White (see Document 7C).

Mrs. Edwin Doak Mead,
Boston, Mass.

Dear Mrs. Mead:-

       This slanderous circular has just been forwarded to me from Florida. I think it is probably actionable and no doubt you could recover damages in court.

       With kindest regards to Dr. Mead, I am

Faithfully yours,
(signed) Hamilton Holt


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