How Did Elisabeth Freeman's Publicity Skills Promote Woman Suffrage,
Antilynching, and the Peace Movement, 1909-1919?

Document List: Part 1



Document 1: “Presentation to Ex-Prisoners” in Meeting Programme, Women's Social and Political Union, 29 April 1909

Document 2: Elizabeth Freeman, "Letter from an American," 7 January 1911

Document 3A: Florence Luscomb, "American Girls Abroad," 10June 1911

Document 3B: Florence Luscomb, "American Girls Abroad," part 2, 24 June 1911

Document 4A: “Battle-Scarred Suffragette Lauds London’s Rioters,”1911

Document 4B: "She Defends London Window Smashing," 12 March 1912

Document 4C: "Why I Am a Militant Suffragette--By Elizabeth Freeman," ca. 1912

Document 5A: William B. Feakins to Elisabeth Freeman, 9 October 1911

Document 5B: Feakins Flyer announcing Elisabeth Freeman's services as a speaker, Fall 1911

Document 5C: William Feakins's list of lecturers for 1912-13

Document 6A: “Suffragists Hold Their First City Convention and Adopt Platform, but Name No Candidates,” [27] October 1911

Document 6B: "Funds for Suffrage from Liberal Hands," 27 October 1911

Document 6C: "Platform for City Convention," October 1911

Document 6D: Emmeline Pethick Lawrence, "Greeting to the women assembled in Convention at Carnegie Hall," 18 October 1911

Document 7A: “Crank Snaps Mayor to Amateur Cleaner,” 14 November 1911

Document 7B: "Women Offer to Help," 14 November 1911

Document 8A: Flyer, Triangle Fire Protest Meeting, 1 February 1912

Document 8B: "Women Urge Triangle Trial," 2 February 1912

Document 9A: Mary Gray Peck, "Miss Jones & Miss Freeman in Ohio," ca. July 1912

Document 9B: Elizabeth Freeman, "The Little Yellow Wagon," ca. July 1912

Document 9C: Photo of "Suffragette," Yellow Wagon, Rosalie Jones and Elizabeth Freeman, July 1912

Document 10: "Suffragette Pilgrims Practise for the Big Hike to Washington," 30 January 1913

Document 11: "Suffrage Hikers Undaunted by Cold," 13 February 1913

Document 12: Postcard, Elisabeth Freeman to Mrs. M. Freeman, 16 February 1913

Document 13: "Hundreds of Women to Meet Army Here; Many Will Join March," 16 February 1913

Document 14: "Col. Craft Walks On, But Hikers Protest," 23 February 1913

Document 15A: "Public Greeting Is Balm to 'Hikers' on Entry to Capital," 28 February 1913

Document 15B: Photo, Suffrage Hike Entering Washington, D.C., 28 February 1913.

Document 15C: Photo, Suffrage Hike wending its way through crowded avenue in Washington, D.C., 28 February 1913

Document 16: "Army Ends Its Hike; Gen. Jones Scores," 1 March 1913

Document 17: "Suffragist Horse Rewarded for Hike," 31 March 1913

Document 18A: "Votes for Women," Edison Film, 1913

Document 18B: Elisabeth Freeman, "Suffragists Face 'Talkie-Movies,'" March 1913

Document 19A: Elisabeth Freeman to Agnes E. Ryan, 30 June 1913

Document 19B: Photo, "Suffrage News Girls," ca. 1913

Document 20: Elisabeth Freeman to Agnes E. Ryan, 12 July 1913

Document 21: Elisabeth Freeman, statement of her employment agreement with the Woman's Journal, 12 July 1913

Document 22: Elisabeth Freeman, sample letter for mailing to women's clubs, July 1913

Document 23: Elisabeth Freeman to Agnes E. Ryan, 18 July 1913

Document 24: Agnes Ryan to Elisabeth Freeman, 22 July 1913

Document 25: Agnes E. Ryan to Elisabeth Freeman, 31 July 1913

Document 26: Agnes E. Ryan to Elisabeth Freeman, 31 July 1913

Document 27: "Asquith Joins Suffrage Hike," [6 or 7] August 1913

Document 28A: Elisabeth Freeman to Agnes E. Ryan, 14 August 1913

Document 28B: Photo, Suffragists and the suffrage wagon, New Haven, Conn., 14 August 1913

Document 28C: Photo, Suffragists selling the Woman's Journal in front of City Hall, New Haven, Conn., 14 August 1913

Document 29A: "Hartford Baits Militants," 20 August 1913

Document 29B: Elisabeth Freeman to Agnes Ryan, 20 August 1913

Document 30: Elisabeth Freeman, "Hurdy Gurdying," 2 September 1913

Document 31: "Many Hear 'Suffragettes,'" 2 September 1913

Document 32: Photo, "An Authors' Evening for Suffrage," Cooper Union, 12 January 1914

Document 33A: “Mourners for Slain in Rockefeller Mine Battles Parade; Are Arrested,” 30 April 1914

Document 33B: "Rockefeller Balks Sinclair Mourners," 30 April 1914.

Document 33C: Photo, Striking miners, Colorado Fuel & Iron Company, 9 May 1914

Document 33D: Photo, Leader of striking Colorado miners, 9 May 1914

Document 33E: Photo, Mourners protesting Ludlow Massacre, 29 April 1914

Document 34: Photo, Elisabeth Freeman at an outdoor suffrage rally, ca. 1913 or 1914



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