How Did Elisabeth Freeman's Publicity Skills Promote Woman Suffrage,
Antilynching, and the Peace Movement, 1909-1919?

Document List: Part 2



Document 35: Elisabeth Freeman to Mary Hall Freeman, Atlanta, 23 January 1916

Document 36: Elisabeth Freeman to Mary Hall Freeman, 24 January 1916

Document 37: Elisabeth Freeman to Mary Hall Freeman, Atlanta, 25 January 1916

Document 38: Elisabeth Freeman to Mary Hall Freeman, 1 February 1916

Document 39: "Woman's Suffrage Will Figure in Election," 3 February 1916

Document 40: Elisabeth Freeman to Mary Hall Freeman, 11 February 1916

Document 41: Elisabeth Freeman to Mary Hall Freeman, 26 February 1916

Document 42: Minnie Fisher Cunningham to Executive Board of Texas Woman Suffrage Association, 3 May 1916

Document 43: Elisabeth Freeman to Minnie Fisher Cunningham, 3 May 1916

Document 44: Elisabeth Freeman, "Report of Elizabeth Freeman," late May 1913

Document 45: Roy Nash to Elisabeth Freeman, 16 May 1916

Document 46A: Elisabeth Freeman, "Waco Lynching," June 1916

Document 46B: "The Waco Horror," Crisis, July 1916

Document 47: Roy Nash to Elizabeth Freeman, 15 July 1916

Document 48: "British Suffragist Here in War on Lynching Due to Burning of Boy at Waco," 21 July 1916

Document 49A: "Phillip Peabody Gives $20,000 to Fight Lynching," 5 August 1916

Document 49B: "Miss Freeman Tells of Waco Lynching," 25 August 1916

Document 50A: Elisabeth Freeman to J. E. Spingarn, 12 August 1916

Document 50B: Elisabeth Freeman, "Anti-Lynching Fund Trip," August 1916

Document 51A: Columbus, Ohio NAACP branch to Franklin County Woman Suffrage Association, 16 May 1916

Document 51B: Agnes V. Sawyer to the Columbus branch of the NAACP, 23 June 1916.

Document 52A: Flyer, “You Should Hear Her,” 5 September 1916.

Document 52B: Collage of flyers, Elisabeth Freeman talks on antilynching crusade, August-September 1916.

Document 52C: "Miss Freeman's Second Western Trip," September 1916

Document 53: Photo, Spokane Welcomes The Woman's Hughes Alliance Special, 12 October 1916.

Document 54: "Women in Seattle Hiss Miss Freeman," 14 October 1916

Document 55: Ida Husted Harper, "The Women's Special: A Sacrifice of Suffrage to the Cause of Mr. Hughes," 15 October 1916

Document 56: "Resume--Women's Campaign Train for Hughes--En Route," 18 October 1916

Document 57: "Suffragists Address Colored Voters," 17 October 1916

Document 58: Front page, Los Angeles Evening Express, 18 October 1916

Document 59: Program, National Hughes Alliance Banquet, 18 October 1916

Document 60: "Daily Train Bulletin," 30 October 1916

Document 61A: Photo, Elisabeth Freeman and black supporters of the Hughes Campaign Train, Danville, Ill., ca. 30 October 1916

Document 61B: Joanna Snowden Porter to Elizabeth Freeman, 31 October 1916

Document 62: Elizabeth Freeman, "The Women's Special Train," 23 November 1916

Document 63: Frances A. Kellor, Women on the Campaign, 1917

Document 64: "Pilgrims for Peace to Visit Congress," 9 February 1917

Document 65: Louis P. Lochner to Lella Faye Secor, 9 April 1917

Document 66: Louis P. Lochner to "Dear Lady Militant" [Lola Maverick Lloyd], 23 April 1917

Document 67: Louis Lochner to Elisabeth Freeman, 15 June 1917

Document 68: Morris Hillquit, Loose Leaves from a Busy Life, 1934

Document 69A: "Police Break Up Chicago Convention of Pacifists on Orders Issued by Governor,” 1 September 1917

Document 69B: “All Put Out; No Place to Go, But Going,” September 1919

Document 70A: "Chicago Mayor Defies Gov. Lowden," 3 September 1917

Document 70B: "The Pacifist Convention and the Leaders of the 'Sad-Eyed Doves,'”

Document 71: Elisabeth Freeman, Antiwar Speech, n.d.

Document 72: “She Fights Like a Demon; She’s Organizing for Peace,” 17 July 1919

Document 73: Obituary of Elizabeth Freeman, March 1942



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